Bluewater toddler playground

The Bluewater playground is a relatively new, million dollar playground set on 9000m2 of parkland and open space, in the residential suburb of Trinity Beach. If you are holidaying at Palm Cove with kids, it is only a 10 minute drive to this one.

Blue water older kids playground

Featuring three different playground areas, there is plenty to do for all ages at the Bluewater playground. It has been neatly designed to keep the older kids well separated from the younger ones.

bluewater playground flying fox

For the older kids there’s a dual flying fox, large climbing rope frame, with seats and rope ladders, as well as a high slide, low slides and a couple of spinners – apparently called a supernova and a multi spinner carousel, in case you were wondering. Children of around six to twelve years old, could easily spend a couple of hours here, playing independently.

Blue water playground nova spinner

Little kids haven’t been forgotten about either, with a designated toddler area that has a play ship to explore with steps and platforms, swings, a toddler sea-saw and other bright coloured interactive play games and music type equipment.

Bluewater musical play equipment

The Bluewater playground has a small track around it that is suitable for scooters or bikes. There are a few bench seats, but only one sheltered table, so most families simply bring a picnic blanket and sit on the grass.

Bluewater Playground Swings

Being a new playground. in a new residential development, means that at present there is not a lot of shade here. There is a shade sail over the younger play area, but it doesn’t provide a lot of shade unfortunately. There has been a lot of trees planted all around, so in the future the shade situation should be better. Also being a residential playground, there are no toilets which is a shame, considering how popular and busy this playground can get at times.

Getting there

To get to the Bluewater Playground in Trinity Beach turn into Trinity Beach from the round about on the Captain Cook highway and then take the first road to the right – Navigation Drive. Follow that down and past the childcare center with the windmill and turn left onto Maritine way.