Centenary lakes playground

Nature Playground Cairns

The Centenary Lakes Nature Playground is a wonderful play environment for young to older children. 

Children can explore their surroundings and interact with all the features, which are set in nature and incorporate creative play elements.

The Centenary Lakes Nature playground

At a Glance


WATER Warning: There is a lake around this play space so close supervision is required at all times. Mosquitoes and Sandflies: Unfortunately these can sometimes be a problem, you will need to bring along repellent.

Centenary lakes playground view

The nature play concept of the Centenary Lakes Nature Play space, incorporates both the natural lakeside environment as well as the specifically created play space.  These spaces have been shown to have a positive effect on children’s cognitive and physical development. 

Here are some of the things you can do here:


There are designated digging areas here, with clues of where to find hidden treasures and dinosaur bones.  Perfects for letting kids’ imaginations run wild

Fairy and sensory gardens

Can you find the fairy’s garden, complete with a little doorway.  There is also a sensory garden here, with plants known for their bright colours, smells and textures.


The playground has a couple of slides for the  kids to enjoy – a single and a double slide


There are stepping stones, balancing logs and a large long winding snake to walk around on

Rope Climb and Crawl

There are many areas here where kids can climb ropes or navigate the rope obstacle course.


There are many picnic tables set up here, making it an ideal spot for a family picnic.  There are also toilets here too.

This playground is a must see, must experience playground if you are visiting Cairns.  As it is part of the Cairns Botanical Gardens, there are options to explore further by walking along the paths and boardwalks to the Collins Street side of the gardens.

There is a beautiful lake close by, that has pelicans, ducks and turtles, and makes a wonderful addition to a visit here.

Centenary Lake Cairns

Recognised as Queensland's top playspace in 2018

The Centenary Lakes Nature Play took out the Playspace Award (projects greater than $500,000) at the Parks and Leisure Australia Queensland 2018 Regional Awards of Excellence in Brisbane. Describing the playspace and welcoming its recognition, Cairns Mayor Bob Manning stated “there are dinosaur bones to uncover, ropes to climb and play huts to build “It’s designed to be a place for kids to get their hands dirty and let their imaginations run free.”

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