George Davis Park in Mossman - Playground | Pump track | Skate park

mossman fenced playground

Located in Mossman, approx. 20 minutes north of Port Douglas, this is one amazing FULLY FENCED playground, pump track, skate park and dog park, plus there’s a half basketball court here and a bike track. And there are toilets here! Plus plenty of sheltered seating, tables and BBQ’s

Mossman scooter park

Mossman Pump Track

The asphalt crocodile pump park is suitable for scooters and bikes – it is the shape of a giant crocodiles head. 

It is suitable for scooters, BMX’s, mountain bikes and skaters. 

crocodile pump track
Child at the Mossman pump track
girl on a scooter at the Mossman pump track

There is a skate board park here too, as well as a half basketball court

skateboard park Mossman
Basketball court Mossman

Mossman Playground - George Davis Park

The FULLY FENCED playground here is a beauty!  Ideal for all ages.

There’s is plenty of seating, tables, a BBQ area and toilets!

Playground in Mossman -fully fenced
smaller kids area Mossman playground
swings at Mossman playground
Climbing frame Mossman playground
Flying fox at the Mossman playground

mossman Dog Park

There is a fully fenced dog enclosure here too

Mossman dog park

Getting there

The George Davis Park is located on the left hand side at the northern end of Mossman

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