Cooktown museum

A visit to Cooktown is not complete without visiting the Cooktown museum.

The museum is situated in a renovated nineteenth-century convent and school, set on a hill overlooking the beautiful Endeavour River.

Kids will enjoy dong the treasure hunt around the museum, looking for a list of different items.

The Cooktown museum has two floors to explore.

The ground floor shows the amazing and informative story of Captain Cook’s arrival in Cooktown, from almost a shipwreck on the Endeavour Reef to his interactions with the local Guugu Yimithiir people who encountered him and his crew.  Their stories are told from both perspectives.

The highlight is the original anchor and cannon from the Endeavour, let loose from the ship in 1770 and only retrieved from the reef in the early 1970s.  These are housed in a special climate controlled room behind glass to preserve them forever.

Captain Cooks Anchor

Permanent Exhibitions

Some of the other items of interest include:

The local Guugu Yimithiir people

Changing face of Cooktown

Palmer River Gold Rush

Chinese in Cooktown

The Sisters of Mercy Nuns

Queens Elizabeths’ visit

Shipwrecks and light houses

Our favourite Thing to do at the Cooktown Museum......

Our favorite activity that we enjoyed doing the most at the Cooktown museum was the treasure hunt, searching the cabinets for items and opening the many drawers to see what we would discover.  From shells to old surgical instruments.  

We also enjoyed the views from the veranda and of course posing in front of the famous Endeavour Anchor.

There is an entry fee to visit the museum

To find out the current prices and more please visit their website.

Getting to the Cooktown Museum

The museum is located on the corner of Helen and Furneaus street and is easy to find.

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